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A&A Manufacturing has been the leading manufacturer of custom chassis components since 1966. Our staff is dedicated to manufacturing and distributing the best products on the market, and our products are all made in the USA.

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Customer Testimonials

Was referred by multiple friends. The owner is super friendly and was very helpful. This place will definitely be our race team's place to go for parts.

Big thanks to A&A Manufacturing for joining Brandel Racing!!!! Our rookie Damien Brandel will do his best to make ya proud!!

Adam Brandel

I've looked all over for some specific bushings for a 6 ft finish mower.  No luck.  I went to A&A and provided my specs, ordered the parts. . . . . and prayed all would go well.  The next day it was in production, the day after that the order was shipped. A perfect fit when I installed it. My order was less than $30, but they still treated me like a huge customer!  I could not be happier.

Chuck Eck

Unbelievable how fast I received my order saved me time on the job and exactly what I needed. Parts were perfect. Highly recommended.

John Harkin